• Seed Glow Face Oil

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    Seed Glow Face OilSeed Glow Face Oil
  • Beauty Bundle

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    Beauty BundleBeauty Bundle
  • Calming Blend Body Oil

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    Calming Blend Body OilCalming Blend Body Oil
  • Self Love Bundle

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    Self Love BundleSelf Love Bundle
  • Love my purchase

    My skin was at its worst from the harsh winter this year and that’s when I was introduced to Seed Glow. I was skeptical but I gave it go. After one week I started seeing the difference, at two weeks I wanted to see more of it, at four weeks I was falling in love with my skin to the extent I wasn’t wearing any makeup apart from sunscreen. The oil glides on smoothly and just a couple of drops are enough to hydrate my skin leaving it beautiful & glowing.

    Seed glow oil has transformed my skin & my views on facial oils.

    ~Supriya K.

    Seed Glow Facial Serum 
  • Skin food!!

    My skin has recently been sensitive with hormonal damage and I have not been able to use my usual active serums.
    Seed glow has become a gentle yet effective replacement for the actives.
    It smells amazing and feels luxurious. It soothes, hydrates and absorbs really well into the skin. I have started to see reduced redness and pigmentation and improved texture in just 4 weeks!
    It has significantly reduced the flakiness that I get during winters and overall my skin looks more supple and healthy.
    ~Neha Y.

    Seed Glow Facial Serum 
  • My skin already looks much better!!

    I have tried many facial oils from different brands but this one is my fav so far… very lightweight and blend well with cream. My skin already looks much better after using it for a few days straight! Highly recommend and thank you Green Glow "

    ~Caroline W.

    Seed Glow Facial Serum 
  • AMAZING value and products!

    I purchased the self love bundle and am blown away. I use the calming body oil each night before bed and the smell is divine and a perfect step to add into to my bedtime routine. Alternatively I use the citrus blend in the morning for a boost and a great start to my day and it leaves you soft and not greasy and the smell lasts all day. The face oil is lightweight and doesn’t feel oily but provides great hydration and I can already see results. Amazing value to get all of this at that price when my old face oil I used to buy alone cost me over $100! 

    ~Jane O.

    Self Love Bundle 
  • Very luxurious and nourishing!

    Love how beautifully the serum glides on my skin. Very luxurious and nourishing!

    Seed Glow Face Oil 
  • Perfect for sensitive skin!

    I have tried several products from different brands but this product has wow results. Trust me girls this serum is a worthy choice for your skin care routine, and It has a light texture that dry skin will love and since it’s fragrance-free, it’s a good choice for sensitive skin. I would highly recommend it.

    Seed Glow Face Oil 
  • New obsession!!🧡

    I am just obsessed with this product in every single way, it’s a new staple in my routine. It doesn’t break out my sensitive acne prone skin, which has been amazing! And it’s been so nourishing for my skin barrier. Wouldn’t recommend enough!!

    Seed Glow Face Oil 
  • Calming down my acne prone skin!

    The face oil is great and actually calming down my acne prone skin. Kansa wand is my personal fav and every time I use it feels a proper facial massage without getting a sore arm!

    Highly recommend the combo !!

    Beauty Bundle 
  • Helps me unwind!!

    This body oil is so dreamy and therapeutic, I use at night-time before bed and it has been perfect to help unwind me whilst keeping my skin nourished. I love it! 🥰

    Calming Blend Body Oil 
  • Easily absorbs into my skin

    This oil is an amazing, specially for dry skin. The oils easily absorbs into my skin, leaving it feeling super hydrated and soft., It’s light and sweet fragrance is magically perfect for my dry and flaky skin.

    Calming Blend Body Oil 
  • Helping me fall asleep faster✨

    Calming blend is a beautiful addition to my night time ritual. I apply it to the soles of my feet and legs before bed. Its soothing aroma helps wind down at the end of the day. It's not only given me soft feet during harsh winters but is also helping me fall asleep faster, which is an absolute gift!

    Calming Blend Body OIl 
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    Inspired by the all-natural goodness and positive vibe of iconic Ayurveda, we are determined to provide plant based, fresh and clean skincare products.


    Our products are handmade in small-batches to preserve the freshness.


    Designed for specific skin concerns with high- performing ingridients to achieve desired results.


    Our environment-friendly packaging creates a delightful unboxing experience that's not harmful to the planet.

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Seed Glow Facial Serum

Morning and Night ☀🌙


  • Sensitive skin friendly 
  • No essential oil
  • Helps with dry and flaky skin
  • Anti-Ageing benefits 
  • Collagen booster
  • Nourish and Repair
Start Your Skincare Ritual


We believe in delivering natural skincare designed to offer clean, effective and eco- friendly products.

Inspired by nature’s goodness and the positive vibe of iconic Ayurveda, our products are designed to help you feel beautiful inside out. Handcrafted with love, made in small batches.

Beauty Bundle Ritual ☀

A reference guide for you on transitioning from the summer season to autumn while boosting your immunity and caring for your skin.

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